Old Council Offices
  Sibson Road Building. Photo : P Cleere

Sibson Road/Wanlip Lane.
Birstall Triangle
  Sibson Road / Wanlip Lane Triangle
  Contact Name, telephone number and/or e-mail address    
  See link in left hand panel
  Suitability: i.e. Weddings, parties, disco's, meetings etc    
  Ideal for jumble sales or small meetings
  Capacity within fire regulations    
  30 people max
  Furniture and amenities available      
            Tables, chairs and kitchen
            Catering Available              
  Terms and conditions See About the building in left hand panel
  About the building   Music Licence?        
  Contact, Enquiry Form and Booking    
            Alcohol Licence            
  Venues Home Page Licence must be obtained from the Magistrates Court by the hirer.
  Birstall Post Home Page Bar and bar staff available        
            Monday to Saturday during the day. Can also be booked on a hourly basis. See availability link in left hand panel
            Caretaker. available    
            Caretaker will open and close venue. Hirer responsible for cleaning venue and removing rubbish after use. See Terms and conditions in left hand panel
            Car Parking    
            Sibson Road car park and long term parking on the School Lane Playing Fields.
            Charges for venue    
            £25.00 deposit which will be deducted from the total. This deposit is non-refundable if booking cancelled. See Terms and Conditions in left hand panel.